I'm Geunbae

Let’s design for people better.

• Product Designer
• Product Design Intern at
• M.S in Human Computer Interaction at Georgia Tech
• B.A in Psychology at University of Michigan


Kevin Charboneau

Product Designer at Facebook
Managed Geunbae Directly

"I had the great fortune to have Geunbae join our team for his internship this summer at Facebook. As his manager, I was impressed with his ability to learn a complex product quickly, find a deep connection to the people we are designing for, craft strong problem statements, and design truly innovative solutions. Geunbae is a thorough and well-rounded designer, expresses his ideas through working prototypes, and can code a bit too. I really enjoyed working with Geunbae; he’s an eager learner, takes coaching well, a strong communicator and seeks out opportunities to contribute to the broader design community. Geunbae has a bright future ahead of him in design, he’d be a strong hire for just about anyone."

Alice Meng

Software Engineer at Facebook
Worked with Geunbae on the same team

"I am a software engineer that worked with Geunbae during his 12-week design internship at Facebook. In the span of 12 weeks, Geunbae completed 5 projects, one of which involved committing code - a skill well beyond the expectations of a designer. These 5 projects were done while ramping up in the Ads space, working cross-functionally and cross-team, and learning how to use internal tooling and communication. Geunbae's communication within and across teams is exceptional - he posted in groups regularly, updated documentation and tasks, and in general, used various channels effectively for communication. It was easy to find and have discussions about his work. Another quality that made Geunbae great to work with was his initiative and direction. Geunbae rallied the team to participate in an internal hackathon, which the team would not have participated in had he not organized and led the team to do so. Other ways he exhibited direction was how he used the resources around him to achieve results. For example, he proactively set up meetings with engineering to receive feedback, created tasks for other cross-functional disciplines, and posted in groups to broadcast and ask about design patterns. Working with Geunbae was a joy, and all of his efforts helped us achieve more as a team."

Understanding the power and importance of user research.

Having a background in psychology helps me when trying to understand people’s experiences, behaviors and emotions towards products. Also, it reminds me of the importance of user research and data analytics that transitions into becoming a user-friendly design.

Having the skills to execute attractive and creative UI.

I produce attractive UI Designs which reflect the current design trends. This way, I come close to satisfying the users from the beginning of their journey and I often arrive to this from conducting research, brainstorming and creating wireframes.

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Ability to create thoughtful wireframes and prototypes.

I take my designs to a higher level by creating them into a working prototype for user testing and demonstrating screen-to-screen flow. With the various kinds of tools out there, I love to explore what I can do with them.

Showing passion to learn and understand programming

Yes. I’m a designer who is enthusiastic about writing code. I believe in the power of understanding code when working not only with the engineers and product managers but also in expressing my creative ideas in a different way.

"This portfolio website was hand-coded"

Writing articles about to personal experiences in design.

In order to expand my knowledge about the field which I feel so passionate about, I regularly publish articles online. Not only I'm practicing how to communicate with many other professionals and students around the world but also, I'm enhancing my writing skills and knowledge.

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